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Back Office Support

When market companies focus on transformation and growth for their companies, they often explore how best to create efficiencies and support growth. This creates demand for service solutions that can easily be aligned with new business strategy, and may involve the outsourcing of a single service or whole streams of middle and back office activities that address key concerns. Some common concerns and objectives include:

  • Establishing a more efficient operational infrastructure
  • Lowering of overhead costs
  • Acquiring market rated services
  • A business’ shift towards core business competencies and away from operational and technology concerns

Our Back Office Support Services provide our customers with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs. Renhill Staffing Services of Texas is positioned to provide premiere outsourcing services and solutions on the strength of our market experience and the scale of our national operations. These services are an extension of our core capabilities, and enable us to leverage our expertise, competencies, technology and infrastructure in order to help clients achieve their goals. Some of the services we frequently provide our clients include:

  • Maintaining updated and accurate employee records
  • Investigating and processing claims for Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation
  • Ensuring I-9 and W-4 withholding compliance
  • Collecting, Authenticating and Reviewing Time Sheet Processes (collection, approvals, etc.)
  • Client Company Invoicing & Collection of Receivables
  • Following applicable federal and state regulations regarding payroll and invoices, worker’s compensation, unemployment and disability, as well as sales tax, in municipalities where applicable
  • Handling all garnishments and child support issues should they arise
  • Providing employment and wage verification as requested
  • Managing time and attendance as it relates to paid time off accrual
  • Creating the necessary weekly, quarterly, annual reports
  • Background checks and drug screens

At Renhill, our comprehensive and flexible payroll services are all designed to simplify the complexities of payroll. Our client focused, highly customizable, payroll solutions help streamline workflows, ensure accuracies, and maximize efficiencies. We are committed to providing you the tools to take control of your payroll, allowing you to get back to business.


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© 2019 - Renhill Staffing Services Of Texas | All Rights Reserved